Puede Network
Scholars Program



The Puede Network Scholars Program focuses on building an ecosystem that convenes and supports students, educators, and parents, in an effort to transform students into scholars, and scholars into community leaders. We believe that in our nation, community service, leadership initiatives, and academic success will help students to understand their role in the economy and society. Puede Network Scholars Program works to build pride in a collective goal, to create a one-vision-one-brand for the families served, and to ensure that all members understand its instructional core in order to be part of the movement. One of our goals for the Puede Network Scholars program is for students to move away from the “conformity stage” described in Sue’s racial identity development framework (Description of Landscape Below).


• Year Round Commitment

• Students Must be involved in one extra curricular activity:

  • Soccer Academy

  • Boxing Academy

  • Dance/Art/Music Academy

• Must maintain 85/100 GPA per class

• Must fulfill 120 hours of community service a year

• Must attend 12 civic engagement events a year

(To be scheduled by Puede Staff)

• Must attend 6 parent engagement workshops a year

(To be scheduled by Puede Staff)

• Must/read log 30 minutes 6 days (parents with students)

(Will fulfill literacy program provided by Puede Staff)

• Must help fundraise for equipment/resources for extra curricular activities

(We do NOT charge a penny for our service, but we work hard together to get our kids the best gear possible.)


• 395 Puede Scholars (Age: 2016 ‐ 2002)

• 100% Free Reduce Lunch

• 100% Dallas Metroplex Area (mostly Oak Cliff)



See Us in Action




Puede Network is directly involved with over 530 families. Different programs are targeted at different audiences. Our soccer academy is made up of 167 kids who meet daily at our local park.To participate, my scholars are required to maintain an 85/100 GPA, 30 hours/semester of community service and attend 12 community events annually.